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27th - 30th January 2023

Join us in a beautiful community for a perfect way to start your year. A chance to pause, reflect and look inwards with guided meditations, workshops and activities.

Dive deeper and discover your true purpose by consciously empowering your 

Physical wellbeing

Psychological wellbeing

Heart wellbeing 


Connect with nature surrounded by beautiful gardens enjoying the acres of land around you. Connect with yourself and other like-minded individuals, journeying together.

Daily Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama (breathing exercises), Workshops, Philosophy class, Outdoor activities, Nature walks, Campfire circles, Kirtan, Ayurveda, 3 vegetarian meals a day, Private accommodation & Spa facilities.

5 reasons to join 

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Be Authentically you:
Bombarded by so many versions of who and what we should be, it can feel nearly impossible to discover for ourselves who we really are, and what our potential and purpose are. On The Pilgrimage, we strip away all the extra noise from the world and provide you with the space to allow the mind to process and thrive in a safe, stable, and effective way. This environmental change jumpstarts the mind, body and heart into alignment, allowing you to express your truest self.


Expand your mind:
Our minds are constantly craving information and distraction and the next big thing. However, the key is to ground ourselves in the ability to be happy and fulfilled now. During our retreats, we teach tools and methods to take root in the mind and help you to create new pathways, cultivating inner happiness. Primed for fresh thoughts and actions aligned with our highest purpose and goals, you’ll find that your mind and spirit are hungry for information and inspiration. 


Inner & Outer Connection:
Strong, healthy relationships can boost your immune system, help your body and mind recover from disease, and even lengthen your lifespan. We understand the incredible effects of establishing quality relationships, so our retreats are populated with other like-minded individuals committed to having the experience of a lifetime with you while expanding themselves in the process.  

Empower your Lifestyle:
At The Pilgrimage, we want to gift you tools and practices that you can use to keep the focus and clarity you found during your time with us. Reinvigorating yoga and meditation sessions are designed to help you transform negative thought patterns or beliefs holding you back, to discover a more focused, confident and productive you. Guided breathwork and musical offerings such as Kirtan will lift your heart, shaping your focus and inner world.



Connect with Nature:
We are nature. On our retreats, we want to help you to connect with your human nature world and the world around you. You'll get to explore beautiful grounds, stunning scenery and immerse yourself in tranquillity. We support one another just as the Earth supports us. In this environment, we can thrive and arrive at the truth that we have been created for greatness, and that greatness is found here and now, in the present moment.


We are excited to bring the best people in their fields to serve you in a personal and growth-centred approach. 

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27-30th January 2023

Theme: Mind, body & soul connection 

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