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A place to celebrate. A place to create. A place to connect.


Breathe in one, two, three... and now out, one, two, three four. A chance to escape from information overload, noise pollution and the busyness of Monday-Friday. 

At The Vedanta, a home-away-from-home dedicated to transformation, we are invested in making your well-being needs come true! Hosting your event with us, provides the unique opportunity for you to come together as a community, engage at a deeper level and depart feeling transformed and refreshed.


Where team-building meets luxury wellness. If you've been tasked to find the next venue for a company retreat, look no further.

​Corporate retreats with us embody so much more than just downtime. Lincoln’s natural ecosystem cultivates productivity and performance and provides a sacred venue to build teams and strategies. Our partners work with us to provide on-site activities such as Laser Tag in the woods, bushcraft, archery and a host of team games.


We are equipped with the latest AV tech, break out rooms, flip charts and everything you could possibly need to cater to your company’s needs.


From twinkling lights in the trees, to heady floral decorations, The Vedanta is a lavish and intimate venue for festivities with family and friends.

Since you’re only planning on throwing a wedding once, do it in style! Whether you’re seeking an intimate wedding with near and dear ones or a party for the whole town, The Vedanta can serve your needs. With indoor spaces large enough to cater for 150 guests and outdoor options for more, we are more than happy to accommodate your

magical day.

A Vedanta wedding or reception can be tailored to your dreams, no idea is too far out of reach. Have you considered a residential wedding? Why only celebrate for one night?

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