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Health, Wellbeing & Mindfulness Retreats


Wellbeing & Luxury retreat Venue

in Lincolnshire

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Breathe in one, two, three... and now out, one, two, three.

At The Vedanta, we believe mental, emotional and physical health are vital to one's wellbeing. Taking part in one of our health, wellbeing and mindfulness retreats is the initial step to taking care of yourself, leading to a healthier and more centered life.


Would you like to feel happier, have more fun, enhance your relationships, be more successful and have more energy? 

Our retreats focus on providing the information so you can manage your health and wellbeing efficiently at home. By examining diet and activity, and utilising interactive learning, you can comprehend your needs and boost your health and wellbeing. Through our expert-led classes and conversations, you'll learn meaningful priniciples to utilise in your life, covering everything from personal relationships to stress management. 


Our committed team of experts will be available throughout your stay to offer advice and answer any of your queries so you can get the most out of your time with us. With workshops from renowned professionals in their fields, you'll leave The Vedanta with a bright outlook, armed with a full set of tools to help you handle any problems you've been facing.

Set an intention with us, return home with the confidence to achieve your goals and become healthier and happier.

Yoga Suite

Multiple indoor spaces

Yoga mats & bolsters

Capacity upto 50

Meditation room
Meditation cushions


43 Bedsooms 

 (all ensuite)

Sleeps 100 people

Eygptian Cotton sheets

Eco-friendly mattress



First class vegan and vegetarian catering

Range of cuisines available and dietary requirements accomodated


Beautiful Grounds


70 acres Woodlands Walks

Outdoor eating area

Swimming pool

Jacuzzi, Sauna

Steam Room, Gym

Scented-breezes, swaying trees and birdsong greet the visitor as they are ushered into the serenity of the surroundings – a place where heart and soul are given full permission to just be.


Yoga & Wellbeing

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Yoga is commonly related to motion and performing certain poses or asanas. However, meditation is also an element of yoga and a method of maintaining our minds in good health. The notion is that we get our bodies prepared to go into a more profound meditation by making our body supple and not a source of distraction when we are seated in stillness meditating. Yoga and wellness escapes are for everybody and the gains are immense both mentally and physically. 


Escape the rush of daily life!

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Relax and Unwind


Spend some quality time in a luxurious wellness environment with a spa-like experience. Transition from the heated indoor pool to the sauna, steam room and hot tub, all set in a gorgeous indoor spa and wellness area. The calming lighting and water therapy can help you deeply relax and unwind after a hectic day.


Soothe and calm the mind

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Outdoor Haven


We believe food is at the heart of our wellbeing. Everything we eat impacts us, not only externally but also internally.

We have a team of experienced in-house chefs to prepare delicious, heartwarming, healthy meals that will leave you and your team wanting more. 


While our menus are influenced by cultures around the world, our ethos is to support the local trade. We try to source all our ingredients locally and concentrate on seasonal produce to ensure we create hearty and healthy meals. 

Its more than just a meal

The Pink Lounge is a large, well-illuminated area, providing guests with the opportunity to relax and unwind. It features plush couches, pillows, blankets, and a toasty fireplace. Its modern, design-oriented feel comes with no deprivation of comfort.


The Lounge inspires deep conversations or the chance to connect with new friends. With views of our meadows and lake you can snuggle up near the fire with a cup of tea, and let your troubles drift away.

Unwind and distress

Swimming Pool & Spa

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Maybe you appreciate strolling through the atmosphere of a mature forest, inhaling the delicate aromas of the trees and allowing them to inspire tranquil dreams. 


It is possible that you delight in sitting near the lake, taking in the calming ripples on its surface and admiring the birds that frolic in her waters. 


Maybe you just want to be, and accept whatever the moment brings.


No matter your preference, the lush, emerald-green countryside around the house will provide plenty of outdoor spaces and gardens for you to relish.

Nature is your playground



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“Yoga is bringing fitness in body, calmness in mind, kindness in heart and awareness in life.” 



“Lovely, hard working and attentive staff in a homely and welcoming environment. Thank you so much for taking care of us all, it feels like a safe haven. Wonderful selection of meals too! Lots of love, hope to see you all again in summer. Xxx”



“Fantastic food, warm, welcoming and gracious staff. They all contributed to a fabulous retreat. The place is well kept, stunning and homely. Thoroughly enjoyable stay. Thank you so much.


How to find us

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