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At The Vedanta, a home-away-from-home dedicated to transformation, we are invested in making your well-being needs come true. Hosting your event with us, provide the unique opportunity for you to come together as a community, to engage at a deeper level and to depart feeling transformed and refreshed.

The Pink Lounge

Within this light-filled space, this lounge along with fireplace allows guests to reset and unwind. With a modern and design-led edge and no compromise on comfort or indulgence, The Pink Lounge is an uplifting space that supports conversations, discussions and openminded connection.

Hotel Room


Wake to a rising pink sky from the king-size bed of our honeymoon suite, or lakeside views from our twin rooms. We do not compromise on comfort and luxury – we use eco-friendly mattresses and Egyptian cotton sheets, guaranteeing a deep and restful sleep.

A welcome pack is provided in each room, consisting of body wash, shampoo, vanity kit, lotions and fluffy towels, which means that you can pack lighter.


The Blue Lounge

Luxuriously decorated with velvet sofas, this lounge offers comfort and connection. With art that is steeped in spiritual history and ceiling high windows The Blue Lounge is an ideal place to learn, engage or even just an idyllic spot to sit with a book and cup of tea.

Swimming Pool & Spa

Luxury wellness ensues, as retreat-goers can indulge in a spa like experience, rotating from the indoor pool to sauna to steam room to hot tub, set in a beautiful indoor spa and wellness area.

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Games Room

Guaranteed to bring a smile to faces, the games room is equipped with air hockey, a 6ft pool table, oak table tennis and table football. The room is fitted with a state-of-the-art AV system and a moveable stage for productions, performances, and evening entertainment.

Dining Area

Exquisitely prepared meals, placed on teak wood round tables allow your guests to have a relaxing dining experience. After a day of countryside walks there will be nothing more satisfying than our heart-warming catering accompanied with lakeside views.

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We have a selection of state-of-the-art cardio machines and weights for you to get your heart pumping. For those who prefer a more varied workout routine, our free space can be used for boxing, martial arts, jumping and much more.

Yoga & Meditation Room

Stretch into the day using our dedicated yoga and meditation room. The room is designed to create a calming effect on the mind and body, allowing anyone the space to connect with themselves. Filled with lotus meditation cushions and a backdrop of greenery, the room is often used for breathing workshops, mindfulness, mantra meditation and yoga classes.


The Lobby

With immaculate attention to detail, the wood panel room is the first room you enter when visiting The Vedanta. A versatile space that can be used as an additional dining area, meeting space or relaxation by the fireplace.

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