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How a Wellness Retreat in Nature can have Lasting Benefits!

Getting out in nature is has always been good for you. Nature has long been associated with healing and restoring balance, and spending time outdoors are proven to be heal our minds, bodies, and souls.

Taking some time off in the country not only offers a chance to get in your daily steps with the added benefit of exploring new landscapes and spectacular views, but helps to decrease stress and leave you feeling more at peace.

"What is the good of your stars and trees, your sunrise and the wind, if they do not enter into our daily lives?" — E.M. Forster

Nature Heals:

Spending time in nature is linked to improvements in mood, mental health, and emotional well-being. The sensation of yoga on the grass and absorbing the fragrance of the earth lowers blood pressure and elevates the feeling of wellness in the mind.

Relieve stress:

Arrive at your wellbeing retreat and immediately begin to relax leaving the worries and strains of your hectic daily life behind. You will start to get into the gentle flow of the retreat easing into the natural rhythms, beauty, fragrances, sounds, and energy of your surroundings.

Get connected:

Being connected to nature not only leads to stress reduction and mood improvement, but helps to build a stronger connection with yourself and others around you. Take the time out to connect with nature, become more mindful, and appreciate the relationship you have with nature and with others.

Be more productive:

Employees who are healthy in mind and body tend to be more productive. Taking time out for a wellness immersion will lead to greater team building, increased productivity, and creativity.

Have Lasting Results:

Spending time at a wellness retreat helps maintain positive moods and overall mental, emotional, and physical states of wellbeing for a prolonged period of time, even after returning to busy regimes. Plus enjoying a vegetarian or plant-based diet in peaceful, stress-free surroundings even for a few days can help with positive outlooks and healthy states of mind.

At The Vedanta, discover the splendour of Lincolnshire while bathing yourself in a wellness experience. Talk to one of our team on 07563 373266, or contact us by email on to discuss retreats and our custom-made offerings for your group.

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