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Wellness Trends for your Workplace

Transform your workplace culture to support employees’ mental and physical wellbeing by adopting new models of wellness.

Here are our top tips for the season.

Flexibility is important an important well-being strategy for employees who can’t always work remotely or in the office. Being flexible means to personalise the work experience -- from remote work policies to offering time away from the job.

And breathe

One of the simplest things to improve the state of mind is to focus on breath work. Ancient breathing techniques such as pranayama can reduce stress, improve focus, enhance creativity, and raise work performance.

Give back

Being involved in charity work and volunteering opportunities not only help to develop relationships, but helps individuals gain a sense of fulfilment and create a better working environment overall.

Nutrition and Wellness Goals

Many companies are now choosing to offer healthier food options and nutrition education to their employees. This not only helps to promote optimal physical and mental health, but improves productivity and overall quality of life. Fresh and appealing office catering can help uplift the consciousness of employee, as well as keep them motivated, particularly if the menu takes sustainability and wellness into consideration.

Go off site

With a rise in remote and virtual working as the new standard, the need for teams to reconnect and create a sense of synergy has become even more vital. On a retreat, concentrated interaction is seen to be even more effective as spending days together in an office. Lincolnshire’s natural ecosystem cultivates productivity and performance and provides an unparalleled venue to build teams and strategies. The Vedanta is the perfect venue for corporate events. We are equipped with the latest audio- visual technology, flip charts and break out rooms.

We can also offer onsite activities such as laser tag in the woods, bushcraft and archery. Ideal for team bonding.

Excited yet? Get in touch to find out more about how to create your next company off-site at The Vedanta!

Talk to one of our team on 07563 373266, or contact us by email on

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