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5 Top Tips: How to plan a Corporate or Company Retreat

Corporate retreats are known to increase engagement, improve collaboration and boost morale. But organising one can be a nightmare due to the extensive planning required for a small or large group with a multitude of requirements.

A corporate retreat provides a welcome break from work routines and a refreshing focus on company objectives. But it needs to be thoughtfully planned to make sure everyone has a good time, the purpose of the retreat is achieved, and everyone returns to work with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Follow these 5 steps for an effective and beneficial retreat!

Set Your Goals

Know what your company needs. A corporate retreat can serve many purposes, but you need to define the goal and intention and plan accordingly. Knowing your primary goal really is step one, and from there you can curate a meaningful offering for your participants.

Location, location, location!

The location for your corporate retreat will really set its tone. Based on your goals, consider a venue which can offer not only the kinds of activities you want to run, but allows space to relax and contemplate, with creature comforts (and more) in mind. Does it offer nature, wellbeing, fire circles, good food, a spa, a slice of history?

Time out from the agenda

You’re off-site, so whatever you do, don’t just use the time as if you were still in the office. While it’s important to have a fun and stimulating itinerary for your retreat, make sure you factor in time for participants to take some time out for their wellbeing and enjoy the location. It’s important that the teams return to work feeling refreshed rather than exhausted and overwhelmed.

Check your Tech!

While it might be tempting to just switch off and only have downtime, in order to fulfil the purpose of the retreat, you will need to do some work. Look for a venue which can provide everything from reliable internet, projection facilities, break out rooms, etc.

Make it Fun!

No corporate retreat is complete without some great team-building! It’s the activities that really create the memorable and enjoyable element of a retreat, so aim to select activities that will push your employees to interact in new ways, and in areas that reflect your retreat location. Look out for activities that please everyone. At The Vedanta, we can provide onsite and off-site activities from laser tag in the woods, to bushcraft and archery.

Corporate retreats at The Vedanta cultivates productivity and performance and provides a sacred venue to build teams and strategies.

We are equipped with the latest AV tech, break out rooms, flip charts and everything you could possibly need to cater to your company’s needs.

Get in touch to find out more!

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