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Seven Space Retreat

Start your year with intention and inner transformation as you usher in the new year at our tranquil retreat, nestled within The Vedanta. Immerse yourself in two nights of rejuvenation, from the 5th - 7th January 2024, where you'll step away from the everyday and embrace a moment of self-discovery. The Vedanta offers an award-winning luxury venue that provides the perfect backdrop for your personal journey.

Scroll down to explore the details of this unique retreat experience. Discover the schedule, workshops, accommodations, and more. Invest in yourself as you embark on a path of renewal and connection.



  • Two night’s stay at our stunning venue

  • Nourishing meals

  • Daily snacks

  • Welcome gratitude journaling session

  • Daily early morning meditation and breathwork classes

  • Daily yoga classes

  • Evening sound bath or sound healing session 

  • Guided evening mantra meditation session

  • Guided walk through our beautiful forest area and grounds

  • Afternoon pottery workshop 

  • Access to our venue facilities (including our swimming pool and spa area with a sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, plus our 24 hour gym and games room)

  • Our refreshments station, with teas, coffees and hot drinks

    (Travel to and from the venue + massage treatments are not included)

A Typical Schedule

DAY 1:

1pm - Arrival and Check-In: Arrive and settle in, allowing yourself to disconnect from the outside world and embrace the retreat experience.

2pm - Introduction/Welcome: Get to know your fellow retreat participants and the retreat leaders, setting the tone for a supportive and open environment.

3pm - Snack: Recharge with a nutritious snack to keep your energy levels up.

4pm - 5.45pm - Gratitude Journaling Workshop: Explore the power of gratitude through journaling, cultivating a positive mindset and fostering self-reflection, to use and take with you over the rest of the retreat experience.

6pm - 6.45pm - Yoga: Connect with your body and breath, promoting relaxation and flexibility.

7pm - Dinner: Nourish your body with a wholesome dinner that supports your well-being.

8.30pm - Evening Sound Bath/Sound Healing Session: Immerse yourself in healing sounds that promote relaxation and inner harmony, allowing for deep rejuvenation.


DAY 2:

8am - Morning Meditation/Breathwork: Start your day with mindfulness, enhancing focus and reducing stress through breathwork and meditation.

8.30am - 9.30am - Morning Yoga Class: Energise your body and mind through a dynamic yoga practice, setting a positive tone for the day.

10am - Brunch: Enjoy a satisfying brunch that fuels your body for the activities ahead.

11am - 2pm - Break (Relaxation Time): Take this opportunity to unwind and indulge in personal relaxation by the pool, spa, or through a rejuvenating treatment.

2pm - Guided Nature Walk: Immerse yourself in the natural surroundings, promoting grounding and a sense of wonder.

3pm - Snack: Refuel with a nutritious snack, keeping your energy steady.

4pm - 5.45pm - Pottery Workshop: Get creative and express yourself through pottery, a hands-on activity that encourages mindfulness and artistic exploration.

6pm - 6.45pm - Yoga: Wind down and stretch your body with an evening yoga session, promoting relaxation and tranquillity.

7pm - Dinner: Delight in a thoughtfully prepared dinner that nourishes both body and soul.

8.30pm - Evening Mantra Meditation: Experience the power of mantras to quiet the mind and foster inner peace.


DAY 3: 

8am - Morning Meditation/Breathwork: Begin your day with a centred mind and rejuvenated spirit through meditation and intentional breathing.

8.30am - 9.30am - Morning Yoga Class: Engage in a final invigorating yoga practice, leaving you feeling balanced and revitalised.

10am - Brunch: Enjoy a leisurely brunch, savouring the last moments of the retreat.

11am - 2pm - Break (Reflection Time): Reflect on your retreat journey, engage in personal relaxation, and appreciate the transformation that has taken place.

2pm - Closing Ceremony: Come together to celebrate the retreat experience, acknowledging the growth and connections made.

3pm - Snack: Enjoy a final nutritious snack, offering sustenance before departure.

4pm - 5pm - Check-Out and Departure: Bid farewell to your fellow retreat participants, leaving with a renewed sense of well-being and a toolkit for continued self-care.


Every bedroom is fully furnished to a high standard, and you have the option of selecting between our twin rooms or staying in a room of your own. All of our bedrooms come with a private en-suite bathroom.

Pricing & General Information





January 5th - 7th, 2024

The Vedanta, Lincoln, LN4 1PD

Single Room: £485 per person
Shared Twin Room: £405 per person

This retreat provides an opportunity to pause, reflect, and realign as you step into the new year. Whether you choose a single room for added privacy or a shared twin room for a shared experience, our 7 Space Wellbeing Retreat promises you a rejuvenating and soul-nourishing start to 2024.


Secure your spot early to ensure a place in this transformative experience. Connect with like-minded individuals, embrace new perspectives, and set the tone for a year filled with radiance.


Reserve your spot now by clicking the 'Book Now' button below. For any inquiries or special requests, feel free to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to The Vedanta for a retreat that will leave you refreshed, inspired, and ready to embrace the year ahead.



Invest in yourself ... for once!

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