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Where team-building meets luxury wellness.


Luxury Retreat & Wedding Venue

in Lincolnshire

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If you've been tasked to find the next venue for a company retreat, look no further.

Corporate retreats with us embody so much more than just downtime. Lincoln’s natural ecosystem cultivates productivity and performance and provides a sacred venue to build teams and strategies.

Our partners work with us to provide on-site activities such as Laser Tag in the woods, bushcraft, archery and a host of team games. We are equipped with the latest AV tech, break out rooms, flip charts and everything you could possibly need to cater to your company’s needs.

Scented-breezes, swaying trees and birdsong greet the visitor as they are ushered into the serenity of the surroundings – a place where heart and soul are given full permission to just be.


Escape the rush 

of daily life!

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What we offer goes above and beyond a dry-hire event space. The beautiful spaces and nature are the perfect setting for your retreat or event.

Make the space yours.

Spa Massage

Allow our team of experienced in-house chefs to prepare delicious and heartwarming meals for you and your guests. 


While our menus are influenced by cultures around the world, we try to use as much seasonal, local produce as possible.


wedding catering

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